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As neutral vendor we offer new or used products of leading manufacturers. Due to our proven domestic and international relations we constantly provide high quality and very competitive prices whether it is one device or an entire IT infrastructure. We have several significant references from the private sector as well as from the government sector.

Learn about our services:

Premium quality used and new hardware
We offer excellent quality renew and refurbished products from all the popular manufacturers (e.g.: HP, Lenovo, Dell, Fujitsu, etc.).

The “renew” products are devices (computers, tablets, etc.) Left in stock either at the manufacturer’s or distributer’s, or can be show-pieces which are being resold at a discounted price. At least 98% of these devices are new, they are all supported and have warranty. This allows our customers to access to new technology for the best value for money.

The “refurbished” devices are few years old models bought from mainly European corporations, which we resell in an excellent technological and aesthetic condition due to our professional partners. We guarantee a 12-24 month warranty for the devices, also we provide repair service if needed.

Due to our many domestic and European suppliers, our continuously expanding range of laptops, tablets, desktops, servers, printers, monitors, interactive boards, projectors and various peripheral devices are available in wide selection.

With a unique technology on the Hungarian market, the laptop keyboards are reprinted in two languages in line with manufacturers' standards, providing a perfect customer experience in case of used devices as well.

Most of our computers are delivered with genuine Microsoft windows operating systems, preinstalled in the requested language. If required, we also install office software to your devices.

Within the territory of Hungary, the ordered items are delivered free of charge, regardless the number of devices.

The reason of many of our corporate and government customers’ satisfaction is that our hardware is always handed on with extra care and detailed attention.

We have a stock of more than 1000 pieces per day, to request an offer please feel free to contact us.
Solutions for handling out of use IT devices
We offer various solutions for our partners for handling rolled out devices, whether they are still operable or unusable it devices.
Transport of electronic waste
We provide help with the removal and destruction (in accordance with current legislation) non-functional, completely outdated IT devices which have no market-value.
We provide help to our partners to sell their old computing devices (desktops, laptops, servers, printers, etc.) which are still operable, in good condition and have market value.

We share the list of devices for sale with our partners and we present our customer the best offer we received for the devices. We make offers for acquisition by the received device list.
Cancelling, takeover, charity
Our company, uniquely on the Hungarian market, offers a full range of it services for the case if an institution or a company donate its soon to be discarded hardware devices for its employees or other institutions.

We offer:
• full refurbishing of devices: new batteries if needed, screen and external damage repair
• 6 month warranty: we provide repair service if needed.
• genuine software: we offer used or new software licenses to the devices (eg. Windows, office)
• full data protection: unrecoverable deletion of corporate data so the data previously stored on the devices will not be accessed by unauthorized users. It also ensures that the device rollout process is in accordance with current data protection legislation.

We give our customers individual offers knowing the specifications of the devices in question. Please feel free to contact us!


Second-hand software trade
In Europe it has been good practice for years that companies resell unwanted software licenses, and they buy the software version they actually need from a “second-hand market”. This is an extremely cost-effective solution, also a software does not amortize, since it does not lose any functionality over time. Second-hand software trade can help to create an optimal software management for a company.

From 2012 onward, by the precedential judgement of the European Court of Justice (C-128/11), it has been clear for even the doubters that there is a legal way of transferring ownership of software licenses.

The legal basis of trade of software licenses is the exhaustion of rights according to which, the author’s (manufacturer of the software) exclusive right for distribution exhausts once it issues the work, i.e. the software license. The license, i.e. transferring of the right to use the software, is subject to further legal and manufacturer’s rules that our company strictly complies with.
Selling software
Our customers can safely purchase new or previous version software licenses from us in accordance with all applicable rules. We provide them with legal guarantee contract, software documentations, and statement of uninstallation.

We offer for example: Windows 7, 8, 10 Professional and Home OS, Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, server licenses and CAL’s.

For our customers, we offer the licenses of the trusted German manufacturer, G Data, which has been delivering outstanding antivirus products for 30 years. Its products provide excellent and unique protection due to two individual antivirus motors and outstanding heuristics. More information at

To request our offer please feel free to contact us!
Buying software
In case some software licenses of a company gets unused or unwanted, our company offers help to either buy or resell them, providing extra resource for the IT.

Through our domestic and international partners we find the ideal solution for our customers.

To request our offer please feel free to contact us!


GDPR preparation
In Hungary, we have developed unique partnerships that includes the most well-known, professional experts of data protection in order to our partners would comply with the new data protection regulations of the European Union (2016/679. General Data Protection Regulation).

Our services fully cover preparation of organizational units concerned by the complicated regulation and full data protection, minimizing the risk of data abuse or leak.

Our experienced and specialized legal, IT and project manager colleagues help from understanding the obligations that comes with the regulation for the company to adapt them.

Our services are available either individually (legal counselling / IT and IT security / project management / certified data erasure and physical media destruction) or fully, tailored to the needs of our customers.

To request consultation and our offer please feel free to contact us!


Security of data stored on corporate computers is a key issue in today’s world. In corporate environments, it is essential to ensure the protection of data protection, Internet attacks, and the safe erasure of data left on unused devices.

The stricter regulatory environment and data management regulations (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation) make a liable company need certified, documented and unrecoverable erasure of data.

We also offer solution for documented and perfectly secure destruction of media. Our company is sales partner of the domestic, market leading company, Data Destroy Ltd, which has several significant references from the government, financial, automobile and telecommunication sectors.

Certified, documented software data erasure
Today data erasure must now be carried out in a way that recovering that would not be possible, because inadequate data handling or destruction may result in serious legal consequences and fines.

We offer our customers the latest generation of industry-leading Blancco solutions for software data erasure of workstations, laptops, servers, mobile phones and data storage environments.

We provide software and hardware with the highest national security certifications, references, and ratings to help your company fully comply with legal requirements or internal regulations to 100% securely and irrecoverably destroy personal or corporate data.

We are at your disposal with the presentation of the technology and the procedure. Please feel free to contact us!
Certified, documented destruction of media
The proposed MAXXeGUARD equipment offers solution for the perfect destruction of any kind of media (HDD, mobile phone, pen drive, CD, DVD, etc.), while Blancco Degausser is a device specially developed for destructing hard drives. Both have NATO certification so they are strongly recommended for organizations seriously dealing with security issues.

The documented and certified destruction of media can be carried out at the security certified site of Data Destroy Ltd. but the device is mobile and in case of need and sensitive data it can be transported to the customer’s premise.

We are at our customers’ disposal with data erasure and media destruction offers.


With more precise planning and operational, license setting and maintenance knowledge of SAP software license rights will keep you informed about you contractual obligations and opportunities, also you can significantly reduce your cost. We optimize your stock of licenses in order that you pay for only what you actually use.

What we offer:
• Analysis of license types (actual activity of+ users), optimization of license stock
• Maintenance analysis: exploring opportunities for optimization, possible cost reduction
• Exploring risks, creating strategy for reducing them
• Analizing indirect access
• Creating special conditions that reduces exposure and protects You and increases predictability
• Audit support, exploring opportunities, pro- and reactive counselling
• Explanation of contractual conditions, examination of software types, rights and obligations to clear the air for everybody
• Preparing an implementation project on Your side, criteria for success, resources, risk management, expectation, change management process, etc.
Why would you need it?
• You don’t know exactly how serious legal, technological and financial risks you may face,
• You find the content of SAP software contracts complicated and ambiguous,
• You don’t have exact knowledge of the license rights and obligations
• You would like to know if you can save on the costs of management and maintenance of SAP systems
• You find SAP software contracts too one-sided and feel that they don’t leave you room,
• You have already had disputes and audit issues,
• You wish to optimize your stock of licenses in order that you pay for only what you actually use.


Operations service
Cooperating with our experienced professional partner.

We also cooperate with our professional partner experienced in operation to deliver operations services to our customers.

With professional administrators, we provide full-scale IT support services for one-time, occasional, but also for long-term cooperation to operate IT systems of micro, small and medium-sized companies in Budapest.

When selecting the professional partner provides the service, we considered it to be the most important aspect to besides the highest level of professional competence, we provide the highest level in customer management and outstanding standards of communication with customers.
Hardware maintenance after warranty expires
Nowadays, securing 24/7 operation of IT systems and prompt troubleshooting are the most important tasks for professionals. The KEMIBO Projekt Ltd. as partner of the market leader Technogroup ( offers multi-vendor hardware maintenance, who offers continuous high quality service background even after warranties expire for up to 60% cheaper than manufacturer prices.

The basic maintenance service for a monthly fee includes the cost of repair work, necessary components, as well as
- either the specified reaction time (reaction time is the time between reporting the error and contacting our customer or arriving at the location),
- or specified time of repair (restoring the machine to operational state within the time specified in the service level).

Flexible services can be tailored to the needs of the company are available, such as:
• Reporting errors in 24/7
• Guaranteed callback within 15 minutes
• Start Troubleshooting / Replacement of parts within to 4 Hours

Technogroup has recognized 27 years ago that manufacturers are in a monopoly position and therefore require a very high price for extending hardware contracts to encourage customers to buy new devices. This strategy has proved successful and now they help extend the lifecycle of different IT systems on an international level.
• 3,400 customers
• 73,000 systems
• 17,700 reported errors per year
• A stock worth of 2 million euros.

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